Transforming hospitals with AI. Clinically validated. Responsibly deployed.

Hospitals today face unprecedented challenges. Surgical backlogs. Staffing shortages. Value for money. Signal 1’s AI platform helps hospitals tackle these by integrating AI-driven insights directly into existing workflows, delivering improved patient outcomes, enhanced hospital efficiency and reduced stress for front-line workers.

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An end-to-end clinical AI solution

AI solutions that work for your hospital.

Every hospital is different. There is no one-size-fits-all AI solution. Signal 1 customizes its models for your patient population and clinical routines. We put our models through rigorous testing and validation before they go live in your hospital. And, with our Signal 1 Monitor, we have eyes on our models so you don't have to. We are your trusted AI partner.

Signal 1 provides an end-to-end AI service:

CHARTWatch: A real-time risk predictor that supports front-line staff while improving flow and quality.

Our first application, CHARTWatch, is a machine-learning based real-time risk predictor that has been in use in St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto since October 2020. CHARTWatch alerts clinicians when it identifies a patient who is at high-risk for clinical deterioration. Before every shift, CHARTWatch sends patient risk summaries to charge nurses to enable a more appropriate and equitable matching of patients to staff. Read our white paper to learn more about how CHARTWatch improves patient outcomes and enhances hospital efficiency.

Read our white paper
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When aided by CHARTWatch, clinicians were 15% better at predicting which inpatients would deteriorate.

“CHARTWatch has become a valuable tool for daily patient care, identifying patients at risk of deterioration and enabling clinicians to intervene earlier.”

Dr. Sharon Straus
Physician-in-Chief, St. Michael’s Hospital

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Clinically Validated AI

A Novel Approach to Clinical AI

Other companies build solutions for clinicians. We build solutions with clinicians. All of our use cases are co-developed with doctors and nurses at our partner hospitals making our solutions understandable, useful and actionable by care providers.

Signal 1 was formed out of a collaboration between Unity Health Toronto, a leader in the application of clinical AI, and Layer 6, a leading applied AI company. With a unique combination of deep clinical expertise and exceptional AI capabilities, we are on a mission to bring clinical AI to hospitals all over the world.

Learn more about Unity Health and Layer 6.

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We’ve assembled a team of technologists, clinicians and business leaders who are passionate about transforming patient care.

Meet our Team

  • Tomi Poutanen

    Tomi Poutanen

    Chief Executive Officer, Signal 1

    Co-founder, Layer 6

    Chief AI Officer, TD Bank Group

  • Mara Lederman

    Mara Lederman

    Chief Operating Officer, Signal 1

    Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

    Former Site Lead, Creative Destruction Lab

  • Muhammad Mamdani

    Muhammad Mamdani

    Clinical Advisor, Signal 1

    VP, Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Unity Health Toronto

    Director, University of Toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine Centre for AI in Research and Education in Medicine

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